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Ayur Herbals Best O Firm Gel

Best O Firm Cream
80 ml
9.95 $USD
160ml (2 x 80ml)ml
17.95 $USD
320ml (4 x 80ml) ml
33.95 $USD
DIRECTIONS TO USE:Gently massage Ayurs Best O Cream in circular, outward movements for 10 minutes. Bathe after 1 hour of its application with water. Its regular use brings improvements in the shape and size of breasts. The application of this cream should be supplement with a healthy, nutritious diet.

Leave on Breast Firming Gel is designed for breasts, which tends to lose their natural firmness with age. It also works on the skin of the neck and cleavage to maintain a youthful look. Acting as a natural cosmetic lift, the gel improves the appearance and shape of the breasts. The active ingredient combats the degradation of collagen and elastin fibers in the extra cellular matrix. It prevents stretch marks, which often appears during pregnancy.

Oil of Shivan Sal is an Ayurvedic herb & is known to have tremendous powers to strengthen muscles. To keep muscles remain firm & elastic, they have to be exercised regularly. If not, they loose strength. Age takes its toll on breasts first. In the preparation of Best’o’Cream, a larger proportion of Shivan Sal is blended with other strength giving / firming herbs. A regular use ensures youthful & firm breasts, for longer period. It also, acts as a booster, after lactation or illness. Even the small breasts benefit by stronger & firmer muscles, making them appear fuller.

Ayurs Best O Cream is specially formulated to stimulate the growth of small breasts and to firm up the sagging breast especially after lactation and illness.
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