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Shahnaz Shapeach Apricot Lustre-Firming Cream

Shapeach Apricot Lustre-Firming Cream
40 gm
19.95 $USD
Indian Madder, Indian sarsaparilla & Sea Shell.
DIRECTIONS TO USE:Apply on neck, arms and body. Excellent as a hand and neck cream. May be massaged in gently after bath on the body/bust as a firming cream. Helps to minimise stretch marks if massaged on affected area after bath.

This powerful preparation acts as an astringent, proclaiming the skin and tightening the pores. Vitamins A & D and precious herbal extracts contained in the cream help to revitalise dull and dry skin. An excellent neck, hand and body treatment, It makes the skin soft and smooth. Strengthens brittle nails.
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