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Franch iQ Topper

Franch iQ Topper
60 Softgels (15 Softgels x 4)
13.95 $USD
Buy Franch iQ Topper Every day for top concentration. Top ranks. Top performance Products Online Shopping in India, DHA and Child development, health supplements, milk products, health drinks and memory products.
iQ Topper - For Top concentration. Top ranks. Top performance
IQ Topper is a product launched recently after extensive research. It gives brain energy for concentration and intelligence. It helps children to realize their peak potential and to get the top-rank in the class with academic excellence.

DHA and Child development

The human brain and the nervous system are one of the most phenomenal wonders of the Nature. Nutrients available from the diet are the key factors that determine the size and complexity of the brain. Over 60% of the elaborate structure of the brain is made of fat. 80% of the fats in the brain should be composed of DHA (decosa Hexaeonic Acid), an Omega 3 fatty Acid. Thus DHA is essential for proper brain development and it cannot be synthesized by the body itself and has to be supplemented.
Brains with higher levels of DHA, will exhibit higher levels of memory and intelligence. The highest source of DHA is mothers milk. IQ topper is the second richest source of DHA. IQ Topper has a high prportion of Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), from which our body can make its own DHA.

All other health supplements, milk products, health drinks and memory products available in the market, offer very low DHA.
Health experts say that diet rich in DHA (ALA) is partially responsible for the high degree of intelligence, memory through increased concentration and mental alertness. Children who take DHA (ALA) tend to score high marks in aptitude tests.

IQ Topper in Childrens overall health :

* Improves liver function, metabolism of calcium and other minerals. Support the liver in fat metabolism.
* Maintains proper kidney functions and fluid balance.
* Helps in the formation of healthy skin. Makes skin soft and nails strong.
* Helps to maintain the hair shiny and makes it silky.
* Shortens the time necessary for fatigued muscles to recover after exertion.
* Reduces healing time of bruises, sprain and other injuries.
* Boosts energy, stamina and ensures vitality.
* Induces briskness with bubbling energy.
* Overcomes allergies.

IQ Topper protect the health of cell membranes. Health of the body reflects the health of the cell membrane of various tissues.
DHA(Dacosa Hexaenoic Acid), an Omega-3 fatty acid derivative, is the secret of top brains. But the body does not produce DHA on its own.

Each soft gelatin capsule contains approximately
Flax seed extract : 500mg
Approximate composition of extract:
Alpha Linolenic Acid : 285mg
Oleic Acid : 90mg
Linolenic Acid : 80mg
Beta Carotene : 143 I.U.
Natural mixed Tocopherol : 1 I.U.(Vitamin E) Children: 2 Softgel daily, after breakfast.
Shipping Facility : First class international courier like DHL, UPS, TNT, Express mail.