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Pediglow Kit
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VLCC Pediglow Foot Spray
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VLCC Pediglow Foot Spray enriched with Lemongrass and Patchouli Oil helps in keeping the feet odorless, cool and refreshed. Its antiseptic properties keeps feet bacteria free and supple. This unique foot spray ensures dry and fresh feet all year around.
Our Price: 16.45$USD 
Weight: 100 ml 
Pediglow Foot Scrub
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This luxurious scrub enriched with Walnut and Lemongrass, helps in gently and effectively removing dry, dull and rough skin on feet revealing vibrant, health-looking beautiful skin. Walnut exfoliates dead foot tissue while lemongrass stimulates blood circulation for the best foot health.
Our Price: 10.95$USD 
Weight: 60 gm 
Pedicure-Manicure Kit
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# VLCC has provided beauty solutions to over a million satisfied customers across the globe. Year of experience and expertise have helped us understand the prolems specific to Indian skin as well as the environmental factors behind them.,,MANICURE AND PEDICURE, The skin of your hands and feet go through regular wear and tear. The skin tends to become harder with dirt settling in and non-removal of dead cells. Undergoing manicure and pedicure is more than just a special treat. Itís a matter of grooming and keeping your hands and feet in good health.,,Regular manicures and pedicures help prevent infection and other skin problems. These process prevent your feet hands from nail disease and skin disorders. Callouses & fungal infections are also warded off by regular Pedicures/Manicures.,,Net Content:,Pediglow Foot Cleanser(5 sachets x 10g each),VLCC Pediglow Foot Scrub(5 sachets x 10 g each),VLCC Oceana( 5 sachets x 10g each),VLCC Melawhite(5 sachets x 10g each),VLCC Myrrh(10 ml)
Our Price: 23.45$USD 
Weight: 1 Kit (5 products - 25 sachets) 
Pediglow Foot Care Kit
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Foot Cleanser: Which invigorates sore, tired feet and legs. Soap nut and Costus extracts removes pollutants from the pores and soften thick tissue also it fights with foot infections and harmful germs.,,Foot Scrub: This exquisite scrub exfoliates dead foot tissue and stimulates blood circulation for best foot health.,,Foot Cream: This ultra softening cream revives and nourishes the foot.,,Foot Spray: This spray makes the feet odour free and fresh.,,Contains:,,Pediglow Foot Cleanser 100ml,Pediglow Foot Scrub 60g,Pediglow Foot Cream 50g,Pediglow Foot Spray 100ml
Our Price: 26.45$USD 
Weight: 1 Kit