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Zandu Livotrit Tablets n Liquid

Livotrit Tablets n Liquid
60 Tablets (2 Strips x 30 Tabs)
8.45 $usd
120 Tablets (4 Strips x 30 Tabs)
11.95 $usd
240 Tablets (8 Strips x 30 Tabs)
18.45 $usd
240 Tablets (8 Strips x 30 Tabs)
26.95 $usd
DIRECTIONS TO USE:Adults : 2 tablets twice or thrice daily
Children : 1 tablet twice or thrice daily

Zandu Livotrit Tablets - Cures Acute and Chronic Viral Hepatitis, Jaundice, Adjuvant to AKT, Chronic Liver Dysfunction, Pre-cirrhotic Conditions

Benefits of Zandu Livotrit Tablets :

Livotrit contains premium quality Arogyavardhini and Mandur bhasma jighly recommended for liver disorders by Ayurveda text.
In pre-cirrhotic conditions, Livotrit arrests the progress of disease and prevents further liver damage.

Indications :

Acute and Chronic Viral Hepatitis
Adjuvant to AKT
Chronic Liver Dysfunction
Pre-cirrhotic Conditions

As a daily health supplement to alcholics to provide protection against hepatic damage.

When drugs and Alcohol Harm Liver protect with Livotrit.

Stimulates appetite.
Brings fast biochemical normalcy in liver.
Potent anti cholestatic and choleretic agents.
Provides good antioxidant support.

In Drug induced hepatotoxicity, Viral hepatitis, Alcholic liver hepatitis, Alcoholic liver disease

Composition : Arogyvardhini Rasa : 100mg,Mandur Bhasma : 50mg,Punarnava : 25mg,Bhringraj : 25mg,Kalmegh : 25mg
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