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Norbeepee Tablets
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Norbeepee - The Multi-faceted, Effetive and safe herbal anti-hypertensive,,Composition,Each Tablets is made from 200mg of medicament comprising of,Rauwolfia Serpentina  -  Sarpagandha,Acorus calamus  -  Vacha,Inula racemosa  -  Pushkaramoolam,Vetivera zizanioides  -  Usira,Berberis aristata  -  Daruharidra,,Mode of action :,Sympatholytic,Peripheral vasodilator,Diuretic,Anxioltic,,Indications : Hypertension.
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Weight: 150Tablets (10stripsx15nos each) 
Bee Pee Drops
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Regulates circulation of blood. ,Checks venous stasis and haemorrhage. ,Corrects arteriosclerosis. ,Fights hypertension, cardiac hypertrophy and dropsy. ,,A unique combination of well tried homoeopathic medicines which maintain normal blood pressure and circulation
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Weight: 30 ml 
Pure Amla Juice
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Pure Amla Juice – Shud Amla Ras,A Wonder Drug from Ayurved,Amla is one of the valuable gift of nature to mankind for body fitness. It was not a magic that in ancient days Sages and Saints enjoyed a longevity of more than 100 years… They used to take amla regularly and followed a disciplined life. You may ask, ‘How can I bring it to my use? For the preparation of amla murabaa, you have to boil it, keep it soaked in lime water for some time, bleach and marinate it with different chemicals and preservatives to make it more tasty and yummy. But it destroys the medicinal value and turns it into a seeded mound of sugar.,,After a long research it has been discovered that to enjoy the maximum benefits and natural herbal qualities of Amla one should take Amla Ras instead of Amla Murabaa. It becomes the main source of Vitamin ‘C’ for the body.,,To get rid from the symptoms of aging like lack of enthusiasm, getting irritated due to lack of energy and weekness, weakening of the vision, premature graying and hair fall…take two tea spoonful of Amla Ras twice daily.,Patients suffering from Sugar(Diabetes) with side effects like skin allergy, blood pressure, weakening of the vision, getting irritated due to weakness should take two spoonfuls of Amla Ras twice a day continuously for a long period and cure yourself from sugar problem and its side effects.
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Weight: 500 ml