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  Different Corn Medicines
Wart Aid Tablets
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For warts, corns and epithelial tumours.,,It is a combination of Causticum and Thuja, which are well known, clinically proved specific homoeopathic remedies for all types of warts.,Wart Aid is the safest and surest method to get rid of warts.
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Oil NH Plus
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Franch Oil NH Plus - For Enriched with Aloevera Extract, and Almond oil Oil in vitamin-E,,Franch Oil NH Plus is a multipectrum oil for dermalcare with proven effectiveness for variouz common aliments.,,Athletic Foot :,To prevent Fungal infections of the foot and treat the itching on account of sweating in athletes and others in between the fingers and toes of foot.,,Corns:,Application of franch oil NH plus on the corn spots continuosly will reduce the pain, Soften the corn spots continously will reduce the pain, Soften the corn and heal the same without surgery.,,Cracked Heels:,Regular application of franch oil nh plus heals cracked heels and chopped hands.,,Chilblain:,Franch Oil NH Plus effectively used to Heal scratches inflammation and itches on hand or foot arising on account of cold weather conditions.,,Burns:,Franch Oil NH Plus is effective and soothening in cases of minor burns, cut and wounds.,,Ulcers:,Franch Oil NH Plus is very useful in healing any type of external ulcers including bed sores and fissure.,,Lip Crack:,Application of Franch Oil NH Plus on the lips heals the lip cracks effectively.,,Skin Disorders:,Regular use of Franch Oil NH PLUS prevents and treat scaly and dry skin as well as dermatitis.,,Pimples and Black Spots,Usage of Franch Oil NH PLUS treats effectively pimples and black spots,,Hyperkeratosis,Franch Oil NH PLUS is a good treatment for Hyperkeratosis of the skin,,Stretch Marks,Daily use of Franch Oil NH PLUS over the abdomen of pegnant mothers prevent stretch marks. It is also used to treat the same effectively.,,Hazards of Sanitary Napkins,Franch Oil NH PLUS is useful in alleviating the rashes and irritations caused after using Sanitary Napkins.,,Menstrual Pain,Franch Oil NH PLUS is a boon to women in relleving the abdominal pain associated with menstruation. it has to be applied on the naval and lower abdomen during these days.,,Sprains and Join Pains,Franch Oil NH PLUS is a remedy for the pains associated with sparin in smaller joints when applied regularly.,,Itches,Franch Oil NH PLUS relieves the intense itching and irritation caused by daily usage of elastic materials in socks & other dress materials of school going children & adults.,,Directions for Use:,Clean the area with luke warm water dry with clean cloth and apply a few drops of Franch Oil NH PLUS 2 times a day with gentle massage or as directed by the physician.,,Common uses of Franch Oil NH Plus,,Franch Oil NH Plus is known to treat a variety of ailments, some of which are as follows:-,,Cracked Heel and Chapped Hands,Athlete foot and corns,Minor burns, cuts and wounds.,Mosquito and insect bites,External ulcers, bed sores and fissures,Sanitary Rashes,Menstrual Pains,Sprains and joint pains,Constipation,Muscular and Body Pains,Remove pregnancy stretch marks,Scaly dry skin and dermatitis,Skin itches and irritation,Pimples and black spots,Reduce hair fall
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