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Hair Revitalizing
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  Different Hair Revitalizing
Suvarna Hair Vitaliser and Shampoo
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Suvarna Hair Vitaliser and Shampoo,,Unique Combination of 9 Hair Cleansers and Nourishers like Aritha and Shikkai along with vital hair rejuvenators like Almond Oil and Coconut Oil are the perfect combination for daily wash of your precious hair. Karanj Oil and Neem Oil removes excess flakes and gives extra conditioned and better textured Hair.,,SESA soap is enriched with Natural herbs for problems like,,* Flakky Dandruff,* Premature falling and Greying of hair,* Rough and splitted Hair,* Itchy Scalp,* Alopecia.,,Sesa soap gives benefits like,,* Normal Scalps Blood Circulation.,* Remove Dandruff and strengthens roots and hair.,* Promotes and rejuvenates hair growth.,* Controls Falling Hair,* Eliminates Hair problems,* Soothes and Heals Dry Itchy Scalp,* Eliminates Flakky Dandruff,* Improves Scalp Health
Our Price: 9.95$USD 
Weight: 60 ml 
Herbal Hair Serum
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Infused with natural extracts, this unique Hair Serum revitalises the hair.,,* Strengthen each strand with vitality,* Enhance shine, softness and moisture,* To leave hair luminous and smooth,* It helps condition your hair whilst providing long lasting styles
Our Price: 26.45$USD 
Weight: 50 ml 
Root Musk Root
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Therapeutic Pack for Hair Regrowth. An original formula. A unique combination of herbs from ancient Ayurveda which promote hair growth. Contains Musk Root, Bael, Liquorice and Nutmeg. which help to rejuvenate the hair and leave it in a superb condition. Invigorates and revitalises the scalp and adds body to hair. It immerses hair and scalp in natural minerals and organic riches and leaves even dry or chemically treated hair luxuriously full and alive.
Our Price: 15.95$USD 
Weight: 230 gms 
Regrowth n Revitalising
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Jovees  Regrowth & Revitalising ready to use revitalizing hair pack will stimulate hair growth while helping hair from premature greying. It will add luster and sheen to hair.
Our Price: 13.45$USD 
Weight: 200 gms 
Amla n Beal Revitalising Hair Tonic
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Jovees revitalizing hair tonic contains Jatamansi, Amla, Beal and other herbal and botanical extracts that help to prevent hair fall, improves texture of hair and strengthens the hair shaft. This non greasy tonic penetrates hair shafts and nourishes the scalp while adding body and volume to hair.
Our Price: 14.95$USD 
Weight: 250 ml 
Sesa Hair Vitaliser For Men
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If its one thing that men care about when it comes to grooming, than its their hair. And if its flaking, gray, greasy, thinning or just falling then it can instantly ruin your self-esteem and confidence. Hair damage is a serious problem.,MAJOR CAUSES OF MALE HAIR LOSS?,,* Androgenetic Alopecia/Male Pattern Baldness,* Sun Damage,* Chemical Damage due to use of hair colors,* Over washing by excessive shampooing,,Men do not need to fear as SESA HAIR VITALISER FOR MEN processed by shirpak Vidhi with goodness of 18 natural herbs, milk & 11 essential oils with stress reducing aroma, prevents hair loss, controls fungal infection, prevents flaky dandruff and improves blood circulation as well as hair renewal process. SESA is designed specially for men keeping in mind the hair types, problems and style quotient.,,SESA Hair Vitaliser for men is enriched with:,,OLIVE OIL: Antioxidant rich in vitamins A & E, excellently moisturises hair, adds volume and softens hair strand.,,LEMON OIL: Enriched with natural Vitamin C and gives clear dandruff free scalp.,,ALMOND OIL : Goodness of natural vitamin E nourishes the scalp & gives silky hair.,,WHEATGERM OIL : Rich in natural vitamin A, E and D, minerals, protiens and nutrients which is highly effective for dry and damaged hair.,,GREEN TEA OIL : Natural conditioner with antioxidant properties which regulates sebum production.,,ROSEMARRY OIL : Stimulates roots and hair bulb to give nutrition to the hair body and eliminate dryness.,,JOJOBA OIL : Adds moisture to the hair and resist from daily damage, tangles , dryness and split ends.,,APRICOT OIL : Stimulating effect on the scalp promotes more luxurious hair growth.,,NILIBHRUNGADI OIL : Cures premature graying, checks dandruff and dryness of the scalp.,,KHAS : Promotes hair growth and prevents premature graying & falling of hair.,,HALDI : Improves blood circulation and improves hair renewal process.,,NEEMBEEJ : Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal properties, fights against dandruff.,,SHIKAKAI : A complete tonic for retaining complete softness of hair.
Our Price: 11.95$USD 
Weight: 100 ml