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Ayulabs Reprost Capsule

Reprost Capsule
10 x 10 Capsules
16.95 $USD
REPROST (Capsule)
In Agonizing old age BPH problem
Reduces Prostatic Congestion, Reduces Urinary Obstruction.
Calx of Stannum (Bang Bhasma)
Useful in case of Hypertrophy of prostate & burning micturition, Regresses hypertrophy & relieves frequently of urination.

* Strengthens Genito-Urinary Tract & its relates Detrussor muscles.
* Relieves Urinary urgency; Frequency & Straining.
* Prevents complications like Cystitis; Pyelonephritis & Uremia.
* Reduces Inflammation in narrowed urethra.

For a new level of effectiveness in benign prostate hypertrophy.
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