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Zandu Vigorex Tablets

Vigorex Tablets
30 Tablets
8.95 $USD
60 Tablets (2 Strips x 30 Tabs)
12.95 $USD
120 Tablets (4 Strips x 30 Tabs)
18.95 $USD
240 Tablets (8 Strips x 30Tabs)
33.95 $USD
* Functional impotence.
* Depressed libido.
* Premature ejaculation.
* Unsatisfactory sexual performence.
* Sexual neurasthenia.
* Loss of Vitality.
* Sexual weakness in elderly persons.

Contains herbal aphrodisiacs which enhance sexual desire and performance. Vigorex SF is effective in premature ejaculation and frigidity. Start with Vigorex SF capsules and stay with Vigorex Tab for safe and satisfactory sexual performance both in men and women.

Sushruta mentions the use of seeds as promoter of virility, as also Bhavamisra. Other properties of seeds are astringent, anthelmentic and nervine tonic.

Root is a nerve tonic and diuretic Hair covering the seed pods are vermifuge, locally stimulant and mild vesicant. The root power is lexative. The seed powder is tried in Parkinsonís disease with positive results
DIRECTIONS TO USE:1-2 tablets twice daily preferably with milk. Sart with Zandu Vigorex SF Capsules for quicker onset of action and maintain with Zandu Vigorex tablets for long term use.

* Effective, safe, non-Hormonal natural aphrodisiac, no cardiovascular side effects.
* Works on all age groups.
* Corrects premature ejaculation.
* Helps to overcome erectile dysfunction.
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