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Ban Labs Falaa Gold Capsule

Falaa Gold Capsule
2 x 10 Cap
32.95 $USD
Nausea and Vomiting of early pregnancy Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Threatened and habitual abortion
The rich source of essential micro minerals for better nourishment.
Improves micro capillary circulation to uterine tissue resulting enriched nutrition.
DIRECTIONS TO USE:After confirmation of pregnancy, 2 caps early in the morning empty stomach for 10 days along with cows milk, after taking capsule do not eat for two hours. (During the treatment, intake/consumption of white products like milk, rice, white fruits etc, are preferable) or As directed by the Physician.

Falaa Gold is a preciously planned product for the auspicious occasion in life. It helps to ensure smooth and comfortable pregnancy. Helps to reduce threaten and habitual abortion.

Composition :
Each Falaa Gold Cpasule Contains:
Brayonia Lacinosa (Shivlingi Beej) 139 mg.
Putranjiva Roxburgii (Putranjivika Beej) 100 mg.
Garbhpal Ras 100 mg.
Ficus Bengalensis (Komal Bargad Jata) 15 mg.
Mor Pankh Bhasma 15 mg.
Chandi Waraq 5 mg.
Cuminum Cyminum (Safed Jeera) 10 mg.
Moti Pisti 5 mg.
Praval Pisti 10 mg.
Gold Leaf 1 mg
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