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Zandu Satavarex Granules

Satavarex Granules
200 gms
12.95 $USD
400g (2 x 200g)
21.45 $USD
800g (4 x 200g)
33.95 $USD
* To improve inadequate lactation.
* For regular and longer lactation.
* In pregnancy, Satavarex nourishes the mother as well as the foetus.
* As a nutritional supplement.

Satavarex is trusted and safe non-normonal, natural galactogogue. Rich is shatavari, a medicinal plant, Satavarex is a natural galactagogue to ensure complete care of Motherhood. Satavarex stimulates the natural process of lactation.

Shatavari is mentioned as galactagogue by Bhavmishra. Charaka and Vagbhat mentions it as adaptogenic and rejuvenative. Racemosus (Satavar, Shatavari, or Shatamull) has anabolic properties and is used as general tonic. Asparagus Racemous thus fulfills the needs in motherhood from start to finish.
DIRECTIONS TO USE:1-2 tablespoonful twice daily mixed with milk.

* Satavarex taken during pregnancy minimises chances of threatened abortions in patient with poor obstetric history.
* Satavarex taken during pregnancy nourishes both mother and child.
* Satavarex exerts strong anti-oxytocic effect due to release of phyto-estrogen; thereby boosts maternal prolactin levels for optimum lactogenesis; allows smooth flow of milk and promotes breast feeding.
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