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Vasu Pharma Herbals Meryton Syrup

Meryton Syrup
200 ml
11.95 $USD
Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, Non-specific Female Infertility, Leucorrhoea, Low back pain, Post Partum conditions
DIRECTIONS TO USE:15 ml twice a day or as directed by the physician.

* Uterine antispasmodic and analgesic
* Checks vaginal secretions
* Controls excessive uterine bleeding
* Regulates menstrual cycle
* Uterine Tonic
* Enhances chances of conception
* Highly palatable rose flavour

Meryton Syrup contains Dashmool, Shatavari, and Bala besides Ashoka, Lodhara and Ashwagandha. Phyto estrogens, nutrients, immunomodulators - are made available to the body, taking care of uterine problems. Very useful in post Partum conditions as well as non-specific female infertility treatment.
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