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Nisha Herbals Cyclosafe Capsule

Cyclosafe Capsules
10 Capsules
8.95 $USD
Irregular menses need immediate attention

Each capsule of CYCLOSAFE contains -
Ganjar Beej (Daucus Carota) – Known for normalizing the oestrogen level and correction of irregular menses.
Soyaka Beej – Controls heavy bleeding during menses
Ulatkambal (Abroma Augusta) – Acts as a uterine tonic and used in menstrual irregularities.
Hirabol – Provide Anti-inflammatory effect
Shudha Hinga (Ferula Asfoitida) – Prevents heavy bleeding during menses.
Aloe Vera – Exerts anti inflammatory effect and healing effect.
Raja Pravartani Vati – Helpful in regularizing menstrual cycle
Cyclosafe is strictly contraindicated in pregnancy because the ingredients are known to cause “ABROTIFACIENT ACTIVITY”

Cyclosafe the herbal alternative meets the patients requirement and smoothly regularizes The menses
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