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Ayulabs Femton Syrup

Femton Syrup
200 ml
12.95 $USD
FEMTON (Syrup)
A Comprehensive Uterine Tonic

Saraca Indica (Ashok Chhal)
Bark is strongly astringent and uterine sedative useful in uterine affections, specially in menorrhagia due to uterine fibroids and other causes. Indian Metaria Metaria Medica.

* Normalises endometrial rhythm.
* Relieves menstrual cramps and pain.
* Reduces pelvic congestion and inflammation.
* Arrests abnormal bleeding.
* Improves estrogenic insufficiency and normalizes menstrual irregularities.
* Corrects menopause related insomnia and fatigue.
Comprehensive Remedy for Uterine Affection.
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