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Arya Vaidya Nilayam Manomitram Tablets

Manomitram Tablets
150Tablets (10stripsx15nos each)
14.95 $USD
300Tablets (20stripsx15nos each)
25.95 $USD
600Tablets (40stripsx15nos each)
47.95 $USD
Students : For improved academic performance
Adults : Sub-clinical anxiety and tension, Executive fatigue
Old age : For improving failing memory
Women : Premenstual stress, Post - Menopausal Sndrome
Pregnancy : For augmenting the brain development of the foetus
As a Co-prescription along with
Anti-epileptic drugs
DIRECTIONS TO USE:One Tablets twice daily .

The mild and safe anxiolytic and nootropic for all

Each Tablets is made from 200mg of medicament comprising of
Clitoria ternatea - Sankhapushpi
Withania somnifera - Aswagandha
Asparagus racemosus - Satavari
Bacopa monnieri - Brahmi

Mode of action :
Reduces anxiety and distraction
Helps increase concentration, grasping power, retension and memory
Absolutely safe even during pregnancy and lactation.
Specially recommended during pregnancy to augment foetal brain development.
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