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Dabur Mensta Syrup

Mensta Syrup
200 ml
25.95 $USD
* Relieves Dysmenorrhea
* Corrects DUB
* Strong estrogenic like activity
* Restores Harmony of Womens’Health
* Recommended in Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
DIRECTIONS TO USE:Two-Teaspoon full, twice daily for three cycles; not advised during the menstrual phase.

Mensta is the first Non Hormonal Menstrual modulator with anti spasmodic activity. The menstrual modulation activity enables Mensta to be useful in DUB as well as Oligomenorrhoea. Methyl and Propyl Paraben. Flavoured syrup base. MENSTA syrup is a polyherbal, liquid oral formulation having multifaceted pharamacological actions. MENSTA’s anti-inflammatory action, reduces abnormal inflammation of uterine tissue and the anti-spasmodic ingredients help reduce muscle cramps, stomach pain etc., The anti-oxidant action of MENSTA helps repair of female reproductive organs while Safed jeera in MENSTA mimics Oestrogen like activity and regularizes menstrual cycles. MENSTA is fortified with Astringents and Styptics, which help controlling abnormal and excessive bleeding. MENSTA syrup is clinically evaluated for its safety and efficacy in Menstrual irregularities.


Menstrual modulator, Antispasmodic, Anti inflammatory, Uterotonic.


Uterine tonic and Anti-Oxytocic: Ashoka and Vasaka
Anti-inflammatory action: Shunthi and Mustaka
Phyto estrogenic action: Safed Jeera
Antispasmodic action: Kalaunji, Ajwain and Hing
Antioxidant action: Triphala
Styptic and Astringent action: Dhataki and Amrasthi
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