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Falaa Gold Capsule
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 Falaa Gold is a preciously planned product for the auspicious occasion in life. It helps to ensure smooth and comfortable pregnancy. Helps to reduce threaten and habitual abortion.,,Composition :,Each Falaa Gold Cpasule Contains:,Brayonia Lacinosa (Shivlingi Beej)  139 mg.,Putranjiva Roxburgii (Putranjivika Beej)  100 mg.,Garbhpal Ras  100 mg.,Ficus Bengalensis (Komal Bargad Jata)  15 mg.,Mor Pankh Bhasma  15 mg.,Chandi Waraq  5 mg.,Cuminum Cyminum (Safed Jeera)  10 mg.,Moti Pisti  5 mg.,Praval Pisti  10 mg.,Gold Leaf  1 mg
Our Price: 32.95$USD 
Weight: 2 x 10 Cap